Important pls

Well guys. It has been several weeks I didn’t update anything. Huh, I know you guys are being bored of seeing my layout that has never been changed o_O

Me, as the owner of this site, I’m truly sorry and I apologize for not updating graphics, resources, and the layout. Because I’m really, really too busy. Yes, you might be see me on twitter but I’m busy with my real life. And there’s a problem again beside that, my photoshop is deleted. I don’t know why it’s deleted and the person who gimme the download link of photoshop is gone. I’m so sad ;_;

So, if someday I get photoshop again I’m gonna update this blog for sure. I promise 😉

Love, Hannie.

(PS: guys, I’m sorry if you’re getting sad of hearing this news. Because I’m gonna close my graphic request page. Yep, I’m not gonna accept any request on this site. But, you still can request a poster via Direct Message on Twitter. So, do follow me on twitter if you need a poster » @wondaerful)

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